SKN-S Off-Grid Power Inverter

SKN-S series is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter with a heavy transformer built inside. It is a Low frequency Inverter.  With a wide AC input voltage range: 90-265V for 1-3KW, 165-265V for 4-6KW. With big AC charge current, Max. 70A, and compatible with 7 types of batteries, with RJ11 for remote control.

Available in 1KW-12V, 3KW-24V and 6KW-48V


  Main Functions

  • Micro Processor Control
  • Full Automatic and silent operation
  • Low Battery and high protection
  • Isolated output
  • Remote control solution by RJ11 and remote panel
  • High efficient DC-AC conversion,minimizing energy loss
  • Three stages intelligent automatic charging mode technology
  • Over load, short circuit protection, and buzzer alarms design
  • Smart size design
  • Automatic Line-Battery switch off
  • Cool start
  • Intelligent variable speed fan operation
  • Automatic charge while AC recovery(off mode charging)
  • Battery type set up to get the best charge voltage and mode
  • Application for Fan,Light,TV,AC,refrigerator and office 
skn-s data sheet
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sunon 4
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