NEW!!! SKN-S Pure Sinewave Inverter Combo Deal

R18,000.00 R17,750.00

  • All-In-One COMBO Package with includes the following:
    • 3kW PURE-SINEWAVE Inverter
    • 24V/100Ah Lithium Battery
    • Battery Cables
    • Multi-Plug and Supply Cable
  • Ready to use as a Mobile Back-up System for your Essentials like:
    • Wifi-Rooter
    • Laptop or PC
    • Printer
    • Television
    • Lights

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Included in Combo:

  • 3kW Pure Sinewave Inverter.
    • Be Careful! – Modified Sinewave vs Pure Sinewave
      • Both types of inverter will provide power to AC appliances, however, Pure Sine is high quality equal to (or better than) the power in your home, Modified sine wave power is a simpler form of power and is adequate for simple electronics, but may damage more complex ones.
  • 24V 100Ah Lithium Iron Battery
    • Will last more than 3000 Cycles
    • 80% DOD
  • Heavy Duty Trolley.
    • Easy Moving of the Back-up System
    • Supply Power where you need it.